It all began with a book.

The book which launched you into research. Almost every time, you look around you because you just have to tell someone about the awesome cliffhanger; the jaw-dropping finale. You look forward to enjoying that moment with others. Fawning over these books with fellow readers is one of the best parts of the experience, after all.

For a while, it was just you and then…

Bookstagram arrived.

While I was scrolling through YouTube videos, I stumbled across BookTube and then Bookstagram. Enter bookshelfies, TBRs and a LOT of giveaways.

Now a year in, I can say that blogging has become one of my favourite past times. I finally have an outlet for all of reviews and rants. Plus, who wouldn’t post about these beautiful covers?

My page isn’t complex or stringent as I leave my palette open to play around with. I prefer a clean ‘monochrome’ look over bright colours and I’m open to all genres.


I tend to steer towards fantasy and historical fiction which is possibly because of my favourite tropes and character types. I’ve always loved Disney, including the typical hero arc. A good redemption arc didn’t hurt anybody though 😉 (Zuko’s was the best and everyone can fight me on this).

Initially, I began posting to just post my thoughts but now its become this large community that I love supporting because its so much more than just about books. I’ve made friends from literal worlds away that I never would have. People genuinely support and care about each other which is a lovely refresher from the often frightening loneliness of reality.

If you’re looking to start your own blog of your looking for a way to diversify your blogging experience, here are some tips I wish I knew a year ago:

  • Post often, at least once a week, to get your blog out there.
  • Don’t post strictly at the same time as the Instagram algorithm will eventually mess with your engagement.
  • Use at least eight hashtags, but choose smaller hashtags to ensure your post doesn’t get lost among millions.
  • Of course, follow pages you like, interact with people in their comment section. *Make sure you read the caption before you comment as people often skim past it. By commenting on other people’s page, you show that you are genuinely interested as opposed to ghost following.
  • DM people and ask questions if you need help with navigating bookstagram. Most people will be happy to give you some advice and tips on how to broaden your following and design your page.
  • Take photos often. Make sure you’re photographing in natural light too. It doesn’t have to be taken with a camera, your phone camera is enough.
  • Enter giveaways and SFS posts as these are great ways to make friends and find new and amazing pages.
  • Find your style: aesthetic, writing style, your flare. What makes your page different from others? Do you post one photo at a time? Do you begin with a quote or a question? Do you take photos inside or outside?
  • Terms you should know: Shelfie (Book selfie), SFS (Shout for Shout), YA (Young Adult fiction), DNF (Did not finish), CR (Current Read), TBR (To-be-read list)

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