Reading goals

The main focus on my mind right now has been the epic reading slump of 2020!

When Ive got absolutely nothing to do, you would think I could finish the unread books on my shelves…right?


I’m even more distracted and deterred from reading, now, more than ever! While picking up a few old favourites is great, I’m not closer to meeting reading goals.

Should I even be tracking my reading?

Is tracking one of the factors putting me in a reading slump?

I know, I know!

Comparison is one of my worst flaws. I shouldn’t be comparing my progress to anyone else’s. This year is all about meeting the goals I set for myself, to the best of MY ability.

  • Reading is for fun and enjoyment and so from now on, I’m going to focus on reading when I feel like it. While I would love to exceed last year’s Goodreads challenge and read more than 54 books, 2021 is going to be the beginning of a jam-packed year of work and study. Here’s to sticking to habits and making changes happen!
  • The only books I’ll buy will be the new arrivals and finales to my favourite series…another goal I hope to meet is ordering less books online.
  • How about travelling to a book store for once instead of shopping online?

There are so many wonderful bookstores and libraries to discover in Sydney and I think I’m finally ready to explore them. When was the last time you went to a library or bookstore in-person?

It hits different when you’re in that room, surrounded by books and the smell of ink and pages šŸ™‚

  • I want to post more on this blog as well and read more non-fiction. SO PLEASE RECOMMEND ME SOME OF YOUR FAVOURITES! Areas of interest: mental health, nutrition, mythology, history, etc.

What are some of your goals for the year?

2 thoughts on “Reading goals

  1. These are novels, but War with the Newts and Confederacy of Dunces are two of my favourites (I also love that you spell favourites with a “u”, which I do as well, even though I am an American.)


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