Chain of Iron






Alright, lets get into it

This book was everything I couldve imagined and more! We have plot progression, of course, but the development of the dynamics between the friends was interesting!

I thought an easier way to delve into my thoughts would be a little list. Without further adieu, here are my favourite moments from Chain of Iron:

Lets begin with the Wedding: I love James and Cordelia together. They’re boss shadowhunters individually but together, they’re a power couple and best friends. THE ANGST every time that we’re reminded, James is only in this to save Cordelia’s reputation and he ‘loves Grace’. UGHHHH because we all know thats BS! When that bracelet comes off, OOOOOOO! Grace was on my most detested characters list for a reason.

Matthew Fairchild. That’s a point. Every moment he has in this book is excellent. Stand-out. Doing his best damn job. Humour – 100, fashion – 100, self-loathing – 100 …that last one we need to work on, son xx. Every time he references this moment of regret and knowing unrequited love, it kills me. He deserves happiness too. Ugh this is another love triangle but somehow, not as obvious as The Infernal Devices?

Lucie + Jesse: I love the elevated focus we had on these two and the extent to which Lucie is going to save him. Also, powerful queen who can fight and loves to write??

I love that we got to see more of Thomas and Alastair this book. We got a lot of backstory to why these individuals are the way they are; what motivates them to do certain things and act out. Interesting to hear from these characters as they are unlike the others we’ve been introduced to by Cassie Clare.

How could we deal with all this angst??? I am so ready for the finale with all the unanswered questions and misery 😦

What were your thoughts on the sequel to Chain of Gold?

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