The Shadowhunter Chronicles

“There’s plenty of sense in nonsense sometimes, if you wish to look for it.”

Will Herondale – Clockwork Angel

I began my journey through the Cassandra Clare books early on in 2019. I had given City of Bones a try in 2018, but it just didn’t click with me for some reason. Upon returning to the story with City of Ashes, I became so invested that I binge read the entire series.

My experience with these books has overall been quite positive as I’ve grown to love the characters and the world of Nephilim and Mundanes, where vampires roam the city and warlocks dance the night away. At this point in time, I’ve read all of the main series books from The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices , The Dark Artifices and now, The Last Hours.

My favourite characters have to be Magnus and Alec as they make the most rational decisions. I’ve always hated characters who are inconsistent and dishonest. A character can be immoral and antagonizing but as soon as their traits become inconsistent, I’m appalled. My faves from The Infernal Devices series have to be our trio; Tessa, Will and Jem. Cordelia and Matthew have been added to my list as some of my all-time favourite characters.

My favourite book has to be Clockwork Princess because of the awesome fight scenes, including the scenes when Benedict Lightwood turned into a worm and the epic final battle where Tessa’s powers are revealed. The Last Hours series is working its way to be one of my favourite series of all. Although the plot is more based in the relationships and romance, I don’t mind as I adore these characters and the brewing drama and angst is an added factor which I adore.

If I could be anything from the books, I’d be a warlock.

Imagine the possibilities!

You can travel the world, heal people and create anything from your imagination. Although immortality would be a concern, imagine all of the people you could meet.

Cassandra Clare’s writing style is unique in that she changes from perspectives every few chapters which helps the reader actually understand more than just the protagonist. Its one of the reasons I love fantasy so much. You don’t simply follow the protagonist but the side characters which allows you to scope whether your narrator is truly trustworthy.

How can you determine that the POV you’re guided by isn’t compromised?

On the plus side, if you can’t stand the narrator, changing perspectives can be a fresh look at the world. You can’t really empathize with a person if you don’t have the whole picture.



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