We Hunt The Flame – Review

We Hunt The Flame will go down on my recommendations list as a permanent resident. There are so many discussion points for me to get into so here is a list to collate each of the reasons why you should read it.

  • The story is set in Ancient Arabia where different clans (led by Caliphates) reside amongst these civilisations under the King, Sultan Ghameq, who se rule has turned tyrannical. The impending threat of the shadow forest, Arz, consuming her town led the Huntress, Zafira, to collect a magical book to restore the balance and return magic to the land.
  • Favourite trope – enemies to lovers, epic female protagonists, broody assassins, great humour from Altair, flirtations between people

“If I told you my name, would you bow?” His voice was soft. A melancholy caress. He lifted his chin when understanding dawned on her face. “Or would you flee?”

  • My favourite parts: pages 392, 399, 428 were exceptional and shocking.
  • I need the next book now.! Normally, I’m ok with waiting but I need to make another book order this week. The characters have great chemistry, the action scenes are great, the mythology was new. I just love it all!! Highly recommend you add this book to your list or TBR because it’s going on my rec list for sure!! 
  • The subtle way Arabic is woven into the story and vocab is beautiful. So happy for my Arab and Arabic speaking friends who can see themselves in this story. I recognised the surnames and I’m just so giddy because we don’t see a lot of Middle Eastern representation and it’s about time.
  • I adored each and every reveal as it came again. As you get near the end, its just shock after shock. 

“A life without purpose may be no life, but a life without love is nothing but an existence.”

  • Movies that I got similar vibes to this was Sinbad and Aladdin, although, Faizal does a great job in incorporating the language and varied faces of Arab people in her book. Its lovely to see and I’m excited to read the sequel.
  • Definitely have to pick up the sequel soon and I’m calling it now, We Hunt the Flame is going up there with my favourite reads of the year!

Comment below your thoughts and if you have any recommendations you think I would like.

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