Kingdom of the Wicked – Review

Ever wanted to combine your favourite tropes with a stunning tale of witchcraft, the Seven Deadly Sins and delectable descriptions of Italian food? No?

Why, you better pick up Kingdom of the Wicked now because it is the talk of the season!

My immediate thoughts were: it’s certainly a fast-paced book with great visceral descriptors that make you want to insert yourself so you can try the delicious pasta and cannolis!! I gobbled this book up in less than a day! It possibly took me less than eight hours to consume the entire thing and that’s great in my books.


The development of the relationship or rather, the deeply troubled nature of the relationship between Witch, Emilia, and Demon Prince Wrath is a complicated one. The banter and twists and turns of their interactions is enticing and entertaining to say the least. When you think its going one way, it swooshes in another direction and I’m all here for it Kerri. Now, here’s the rundown of the notable moments of the book we need to discuss:

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Emilia’s horror at her sister’s death was heart-breaking but I knew we would get trails and commentary from Vittoria, despite her early end. Upon each discovery, you, as the reader, connect with Emilia’s drive and vengeance to find her sister’s killer. As she progresses, Emilia, as a protagonist, elevates in her determination and resolve to meet her goals.

Frankly, her Nonna was hiding way too much from her. I don’t care that they’re young and she was trying to protect them. This comes down to the fact of all prophecies and Chosen One plots; the people protecting them are always overreaching and taking control. Give them a chance and maybe these ‘Chosen Ones’ can actually have a chance at survival. Maybe Vittoria wouldn’t be dead. I wonder what she got up to before she died as well. Emilia is going out on her own, summoning Demon Princes and fighting lower demons while experimenting with dark magic! Miss Girl is lucky to be alive. Also, she is definitely catching feelings for said Demon Prince [;)]

“A twig was just a bit of broken wood until it had been sharpened into a spear. Grief carved me in half. And fury honed the pieces into a weapon. Now it was time to unleash it.”

The idea of personifying each of the Seven Deadly Sins as Princes of Hell is an immaculate choice. This line from Wrath was a stunning introduction and the tone sets up the tension about to riddle the story. All of Wrath’s lines had me engaged in the story and Emilia’s retorts were amazing.

“One day you’ll call me Death. For now, Wrath will do.”

“My world is broken down into one simple principle: I believe I’m powerful, therefore I am.”

Wrath and his clear growing obsession with cannolis (wholesome and cute). Who knew? I adored when he brought them for Emilia later. You’re not fooling anyone. You and Emilia both; Hate? Detest? They’re obviously infatuated with each other.

“I do not wish to taint my body with the foulness of human food,” I mocked. “But desserts are acceptable.”

When I pick up a fantasy or romance, the one thing I’m always looking for is good banter between the two leading protagonists. Give me good banter, dialogue and a great setting, you’ve got me hooked. The fact this is an enemies to lovers story between a Witch and a Demon Prince, the ball can roll either side right now, especially with that cliffhang of an ending. The flirtations and interactions with Lust had me giggling in my seat.

“For the living embodiment of sin, you aren’t very sinful.” /

“He was death and rage and fire and anyone stupid enough to forget that would be consumed by his inferno.” /

“One day you might beg me to kiss you.” He stepped close enough for me to stab him.”

The moment when Wrath saves her before she passes out is one of my favourite tropes, especially with an enemies to lovers plot. As the grow closer, they form a contract based in magic and later, rooted in a mutual goal…maybe feelings become attached? When they slowly begin to edge away those wards around their hearts and minds, its a beautiful moment. Especially that scene where they’re playing a game of cards and Wrath is educating her about skill that can save her life.

“You always have the power of choice, even when those choices seem limited. Never forget that.”

The action sequences were here and I adored the fact that Kerri did not hold back with the gore and violence. Epic fantasy content! The introduction of each Prince of Hell was interesting. I was eager to learn more about of each of them. I think Greed and Lust were quite interesting. Envy just aggravated and annoyed me, especially when he quite literally spilled Wrath’s guts. When we reached the near end of the book, I was sceptical of Antonio and then BAM. A very much, Hans of the Southern Isles move, but far more sinister. ALSO, who the hell was taking the Witch hearts????

“There are seven demon princes, but only four di Carlos should fear: Wrath, Greed, Envy, and Pride. One will crave your blood. One will capture your heart. One will steal your soul. One will take your life”

I wonder what the next book will behold and I’m desperate to find out what happens between Emilia and Wrath. They are now one of my favourite ships and I’ve only read about them for a day. You’ll find me crying in a corner until the next book reaches my door.

A Wandering Reader

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