We Free the Stars – Review

We Free the Stars is the phenomenal and alluring sequel to Hafsah Faizal’s debut novel, We Hunt the Flame It’s joining my recommendations list and five star books, because readers, it’s one of the most enticing books I’ve read in a while.

I’m having the best time reading it and I just have to convince you all to read this book because it is quite literally a story I have been waiting for. It has excellent writing, engaging chapters and a leading couple that leaves you wanting more.

There are so many reasons to add We Hunt the Flame and We Free the Stars straight to cart. First of all, the book reads well so you won’t be stuck skimming through pages of description. The chapters are short, sharp and exciting as you’re invited to this world of Ancient Arabian fantasy where Princes of Death and Huntresses exist. Magic, mayhem and magnificence await you in Arawiya.

“They say the soul cannot rest until it finds its match. Then it ignites.”


Nasir and Zafira’s character development, I think, were the most profound from start to finish. Whilst Nasir kind of did a 180* with the whole moving from killing and emotionlessness due to a traumatic childhood and upbringing, Zafira comes of this selfless shadow and caring nature to experience the real world beyond her small village. You grow to know both of them, their motivations and drivers. Nasir learns that emotions are not bad and to love is more important than anything. Moving on, the darkness we see weaving into Zafira as the Jawarat influences her is shocking. The anticipation builds as you’re left unsure whether or not she will lash out with a bout of violence.

“Darkness doesn’t need to be destroyed. We need the dark as much as we need light. It makes us bold, as much as it makes us afraid.” She smiled. “Darkness needs only to be tamed.”

“You’ll have me. No matter how thick the night, I will always be there to light your way.”


I live for a good slow-burn story and this book gave it all! We got all of the great flirtations, the almost-moments and the angst that I love! Hafsah really drove it out until the end, right? I loved it, but those last eight pages were excruciating as I got to the last seven pages, wondering if she was going to leave me hanging onto hope.

“He knew of a person who would take her to the ends of the world, if only she would ask. He would take the stars from the sky and fashion them into a crown, if only she would have it.”

If you love Elias and Laia, this duology is also for you in respect to the similar tropes, great character development, antagonists and magic systems. Made me actually want to cry because Nasir and Zafira are now one of my new OTPs. There were so many angsty moments and cute bits near the end – I tabbed this book so much that I ran out of sticky tabs! The humour, trauma, angst, , cuteness or the epic quotes that Hafsah is giving us are awesome. I am glad to finally have read this and now be able to recommend and convince you all to read it!!! If there is anything you pick up off my recommendations, it better be one of the POC bookrecs

“If you hurt her—”
“If I hurt her, I will bring every weapon at my disposal and lay them at your feet for you to do to me what you will. If I hurt her, I will no sooner carve out my own heart than dare draw breath again.”
She was silent.
“Do you understand?” he prompted.
“You love her.”
No, he did not love her. The word for what he felt for Zafira bint Iskandar did not yet exist.”


UGH YES! GIMME MORE! I love Hafsah Faizal’s writing and what makes it better, we got a gritty, dark fantasy set in Ancient Arabia with brave, humorous and multi-faceted characters. – if I were recommending this series for a specific audience, I’d say it’s for fans of enemies to lovers trope, great slow burn romance, high fantasy, if you liked an ember in the Ashes. – Zafira and Nasir are now one of my OTPs! It’s up there! Solidified in my mind. I held this book to my face after I finished it and squealed…I NEVER DO THAT. 

A Wandering Reader